Ingersoll Rand, Worthington, DP, RITZ/ANDRITZ, and Calpeda Pumps and Replacement Parts

National Pump and Process is a premier provider of replacement parts for your Ingersoll Rand and Worthington Pumps. We can provide parts for most obsolete models as well as remanufacture complete pumps and pump assemblies from new and used surplus models.

Typical Ingersoll Rand

Aldrich Plunger Piston Pumps
HC General Water Service
HOC ANSI Pump Designs
GT High Pressure 2 Stage
GTB High Pressure 2 Stage
CNTA High Pressure HD Multistage Diffuser
HMTA High Pressure HD Multistage Diffuser
DA High Pressure HD Multistage Volute
VHTB High Pressure Vertical Multistage
LPO Paper Stock - Solids Handling
ALV High Flow Horizontal Split Case
S-Line General Service Horizontal Split Case
A-Line API-610

Typical Worthington

D1000 ANSI Design/Process Pumps 
D500, D800 General Water Service Pumps
LLR 2 Stage Horizontal Split Case
UNB 2 Stage High Pressure/Process
UNQ 4 Stage High Pressure/Process
L, LN, LR Double Suction Horizontal Split Case
QL Double Suction Vertical
VTP 6"-40" Vertical Turbines
GA, GR, GRW Gear Pumps
GEAREX Gear Pump
SIER BATH Rotary Screw Pumps
R, M, MJ Rubber Lined / Hard Metal Slurry
FR, FRB, FRBH Paper Stock - Solids Handling

Typical DP

DPV(S) Vertical multi-stage centrifugal pumps
DPVCF Vertical pumps for hot water applications
DPLHS For pressures up to 40 Bar


ES, ISO End Suction Process Pumps
ASC, FP Horizontal Split Case Pumps
HP, MP High Pressure Ring Section Pumps
AS-T, HDM, SM Special Design Submersible Pumps for Mining
SD, VP, CP Dry Pit Sewage Pumps
SW Wet Pit Sewage Pumps

Typical Calpeda

NM-NMD Close Coupled Centrifugal Pumps with threaded ports
NM-NMS Close Coupled Centrifugal Pumps with flanged connections
NM4-NMS4 Close Coupled Centrifugal Pumps (n = 1450 rpm)
N-N4 End-Suction Centrifugal Pumps standardized EN 733
NR-NR4 In-line Pumps
MXH Horizontal Multi-Stage Close Coupled Pumps in stainless steel
MXVB Vertical Multi-Stage Close Coupled Pumps
MXV Vertical Multi-Stage In-Line Pumps
A Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps with open impeller
C Centrifugal Pumps with open impeller
CT Peripheral Pumps
T-TP Peripheral Pumps
I-IR Gear Pumps
BVT Peripheral Immersion Pumps
VAL-SC Vertical Submerged Pumps
GM, GX, GXR, GQS, GQV Submersible Drainage Pump

If you have any obsolete I-R, Worthington, DP, Andritz, or Calpeda pump, simply click here and submit your request for parts quotation on any model.